Receive notifications when detainees’ vitals are outside clinical thresholds.

Smart. Simple. Affordable. Scalable.

Biometric sensors secured to a detainees’ wrist or ankle connect to an integrated app, notifying officers immediately when a wellness issue is detected.

Tracks Wellness

Notifies when detainee activity issue occurs.

Monitors Motion

Track detainee activity.

Cloud-Based AI

Real-time data processing.

Location Mapping

Track where a detainee is at all times.

Locking Strap

Sensors secured with wrist or ankle strap.

Bluetooth Enabled

Connect directly to an iPad or network.

From Arrest To Transport To Detention


Begin monitoring a custody's wellness activity at the point of arrest. Connect up to 10 sensors to a single mobile device.


Simultaneous notifications are sent to officers, dispatch, and emergency responders when a potential wellness issue is detected. Transfer the custody between officers using the Custody Protect app.


A locking wrist or ankle strap secures the sensor to detainees. Custody Protect scales from a single detainee up to any size facility.

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