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Broomfield Police Protecting Lives of People in Custody with Silicon Valley Technology

The Broomfield, CO Police Department announced that they are using new technology to protect the health and safety of people in their custody. Custody Protect is a new tool that Broomfield officers will use to help prevent accidental deaths and injuries associated with excited delirium, drug overdoses, positional asphyxia, and suicides while in-custody.

After making an arrest, officers will attach a sensor to the person in custody that will continuously monitor their vital signs. Custody Protest uses artificial intelligence to detect signs of danger, and alert officers and dispatch immediately to provide aid.

After using Custody Protect, Commander Shawn Laughlin said, "4Sight Labs brings Silicon Valley innovation to public safety. At Broomfield Police Department, we're using a new product, Custody Protect - 4Sight Labs’ solution for preventing in-custody deaths and injuries. Custody Protect is intuitive and simple to use; it monitors and assesses the health and safety of persons in custody in real-time. This tool will be the new standard for Corrections and Law Enforcement professionals to continuously assess arrestees' and inmates' critical safety needs. Custody Protect is a game-changer."

“We’re in the business of protecting health and safety”, said John DeFalco, CEO of 4Sight Labs. “When people get arrested, they’re already very compromised. Four out of five people are on drugs at the time of arrest, two out of three have mental health problems, over half have pre-existing conditions. Our officers need new tools to safely arrest and detain people.”

To watch over people at their most vulnerable time, the Broomfield Police Department is using Silicon Valley innovation to protect life.

  • 13 million people are arrested in the US every year

  • On a typical day, 3 people die and 150 are injured during these arrests

  • Liability costs are over $1 billion per year

Custody Protect will save lives, save money and will give officers the tools they need to safely arrest and detain people.

About Broomfield Police Department

The Broomfield Police Department's mission is to enhance the quality of life in the community by protecting life and property and providing services to prevent crime and resolve problems. The police department enriches a safe and secure city and county through our commitment to:

  • Partnerships with our Community

  • A Respectful and Professional Workforce

About 4Sight Labs

4Sight Labs is a public safety technology company founded by a team of Silicon Valley engineers and military veterans. Our mission is to make solutions for protecting life.

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