Custody Protect in Action -- Demonstration from Time of Arrest, through Transport, and in Detention

At 4Sight Labs, we developed Custody Protect to help prevent in-custody deaths. The Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) documented that numerous in-custody deaths have happened soon after the initial arrest, during transport, and in detention. Moreover, there is the risk of a serious health crisis occurring during all phases of the process. Custody Protect is a new tool that can allow officers to identify a health crisis sooner.

Based on data from the BJS, in-custody deaths occur for several reasons, including drug overdoses, suicides, excited delirium, and simply poor health. Custody Protect will alert to the signs of these health crises, enabling officers to transition from arrest to rescue before it is too late.

In conjunction with monitoring an arrestee's health, Custody Protect increases accountability and transparency, cultivating trust with the community.

Save lives. Save careers, Protect communities.

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