Proud to Announce a New Launch with Tulsa County Sheriff's Office

4Sight Labs brings cutting-edge technology to public safety. At the Tulsa County Sherriff's Office, we are launching a new product, Custody Protect - our solution for preventing in-custody deaths and injuries. Custody Protect uses rugged sensors that are about the size of a quarter. They're attached to a person's wrist or ankle using a secure, tamper-resistant band. Once applied, Custody Protect immediately begins monitoring vital signs. Custody Protect is intuitive and simple to use; it monitors and assesses the health and safety of persons in custody in real-time, allowing officers to go from arrest to rescue in the blink of an eye. This tool will be the new standard for correctional facilities and law enforcement professionals to assess arrestees' and inmates' critical safety needs.

It is time to restore trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve. The use of Custody Protect takes a new step in that direction by helping prevent unnecessary deaths and increasing transparency and accountability throughout the arrest process, including the initial arrest, transportation of the custody, and continued monitoring in detention. Custody Protect is an innovative solution, and by using it, public safety professionals stand a better chance of saving lives and protecting communities.

We look forward to establishing a robust relationship with the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office and collaborating to save lives!

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