White Paper -- Custody Protect as a Law Enforcement Tool to Monitor Custodies’ Health and Safety

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Based on the data collected regarding in-custody deaths at the national level, we believe our technology, Custody Protect, can help prevent in-custody deaths related to drug overdoses, suicides, asphyxiation, and use of force injuries. While we realize that it might not be possible for every police officer in every department to use Custody Protect, we believe that it should be employed in critical areas of each phase, including arrest, transport, and detention. Not only do we think that using Custody Protect will save lives, but we also believe that it is another instrument that officers could use in conjunction with body-cam footage to demonstrate that

officers did everything within their power to save a life. By saving lives and having the ability to show actions that were taken using new technology, it is also possible to decrease the monetary burden on municipalities. Furthermore, there is the potential to boost transparency and restore trust with communities. Lastly, this white paper is conceptual and was predominantly constructed on historical data collected nationally. Through the help and participation of departments that adopt Custody Protect, we can build on and improve our knowledge of how to prevent in-custody deaths best.

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