Solo Patrol Connect

Solo Patrol Connect includes all of the functionality of Solo Patrol, and allows alerts to be relayed to supervisors and dispatch to increase situational awareness.   


Just join Solo Patrol Connect to WiFi or your cellular hotspot.  Our cloud stores your custody’s data based on your department’s policy.  Only authorized department personnel can access custody data.


Solo Patrol Connect is for agencies that want to get started with Custody Protect in field operations, but do not have agency-issued smartphones.  It comes with everything you need to monitor up to two custodies at one time.


Just zip tie the sensor on to your custody’s wrist and use the Custody Protect app to start monitoring.  The sensor will monitor your custody’s health.  When the sensor detects an issue, you will receive an alert to check on your custody.  This allows you to administer aid, alert EMS or divert to the ER if your custody slips into a health crisis.   


Solo Patrol Connect gives you peace of mind by sharing custody safety status with other users in your agency.  Protect your custodies and protect each other. 

Solo Patrol Connect

SKU: CP1003