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Prevent In-Custody Deaths

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Go From Arrest to Rescue

Custody Protect is a tool for monitoring the health and safety of people in custody. We use biosensors that are placed on individuals at the time of arrest. These biosensors continuously monitor vitals and motion and use artificial intelligence to detect risks to health and safety. When we detect the first sign of a problem, we instantly notify the officers, supervisors, and control centers. By detecting danger early and alerting responders , we can save lives.

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Works Everywhere

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As soon as you take someone into custody, attach the sensor to their wrist

Use the Custody Protect app to start monitoring vitals and motion


Keep the sensor on your custody during transport

Transfer the custody between officers using the Custody Protect app 


When you book your custody, attach the sensor using the locking ankle band

The sensor will monitor your custody for up to 20 hours before needing a recharge

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“Custody Protect is intuitive and simple to use;  it monitors and assesses the health and safety of persons in custody in real-time. This  tool will be the new standard for Corrections and Law Enforcement professionals to continuously assess arrestees' and inmates' critical safety needs. Custody Protect is a game-changer.”

Shawn Laughlin, Commander 

Broomfield Colorado Police Department

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