Prevent in-custody deaths

Monitor the wellness of detainees and receive alerts when someone may be experiencing a crisis.

Custody Protect

Custody Protect

Get alerted immediately when a detainees’ wellness indicates a change from healthy norms. Scales for use in any size facility.

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Smart Handcuffs

Smart Handcuffs

Begin monitoring a detainees’ wellness from the point of arrest. Patrol, dispatch, and EMS are all simultaneously alerted at the first sign of change from healthy norms.

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It’s Time for Better Tools

The risk of significant or deadly issues during arrest, transport, detention or incarceration is higher now than ever before.

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Arrestees High or Intoxicated
Have Pre-Existing Health Conditions
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With Mental Health Issues
Growth in In-Custody State Suicides

If officers fail to recognize someone in custody is in danger and don’t respond quickly or appropriately, the costs are severe.

Custody Protect will be the new standard for Corrections and Law Enforcement professionals to continuously assess inmates’ critical safety needs.

Shawn Laughlin, Commander

Broomfield Colorado Police Department

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