Better Information Sooner

Our vitals dashboard give you better information on the wellness of people in the field and in your facility.

Custody Protect


Receive notifications when a detainees’ wellness indicates a change from healthy norms. Scales for use in any size facility.

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Safe Cuffs


Begin monitoring a detainees’ wellness from the point of arrest. Patrol, dispatch, and EMS are all simultaneously notified at the first sign of change from healthy norms.

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It’s Time for Better Tools

Your job is to keep people safe. But danger isn't always obvious.

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Detainees Under the Influence
Present With Prior Health Challenges
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Display Behavioral Concerns
Rise in In-Custody Distress Incidents

Overlooking or slow response to a detainee's situation can have serious repercussions. Our aim is to get better technology in your hands in order to save lives, safeguard jobs, and protect communities.

Custody Protect is a game-changer when it comes to safeguarding those in our care, providing visibility into detainees’ health and wellness in real-time.

Shawn Laughlin, CommanderBroomfield Colorado Police Department

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