Solutions to
save lives

Our mission is to prevent in-custody deaths by engineering better tools for law enforcement.

Setting the New Standard

4Sight Labs was founded on the premise that we can do better. We believe many deaths that occur during arrest and transport to detention and incarceration can be prevented by empowering law enforcement with better tools. Our software and devices integrate real-time data, artificial intelligence, and analytics to detect potential crises of people in custody.

Our wearable biometric monitors are the new standard for corrections and law enforcement professionals for monitoring inmate wellness.

Our Leadership

John DeFalco


John DeFalco built enterprise software for tech and life science companies for two decades. He created Big Data solutions for Cisco Systems, Adobe, Autodesk, Thermofisher, and Millpore. In 2016, events both in the media and closer to home had John conceptualizing how he could use his expertise to help solve what had become one of our society's critical problems. Years of research and interaction with law enforcement and community members culminated in the advent of Custody Protect. John used his expertise in product design, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things sensor networks, and real-time analytics to make people safe. John believed it was time to bring a public health approach to public safety.

Ian Osteyee


Ian Osteyee is a former Reconnaissance Marine. He has a degree in Middle Eastern Studies from the State University of New York, Plattsburgh. After 9/11, Ian served as a member of the Intelligence Community and subsequently trained DOD Special Operations personnel and members of the Intelligence community. Ian also has extensive experience in product design. He has developed cutting-edge equipment for both recreational and government applications.

Dave Sanders

Vice President of Business Development

David Sanders currently serves as the Vice President of Business Development at 4Sight Labs. Before joining the team at 4Sight Labs, David spent over a decade in the Army Special Forces, where he deployed to numerous countries in the Middle East. Additionally, he has a bachelor of science in organizational leadership and a master of science in strategic leadership.

We’re partnering with top technology and companies to create a new era in law enforcement.