Correctional Officer

As a Correctional Officer, inmate safety and well-being are my top concern. I maintain and enforce rules, monitor and manage inmates, and assist my fellow officers.



Your Automated and Comprehensive Monitoring System

Monitoring inmate activity and behavior takes a keen eye and diligent observation. Anticipating possible unsafe conditions, including possible altercations between inmates and/or staff, withdrawal symptoms, or ingestion of contraband substances, can be challenging. OverWatch is a wireless monitoring system providing 24/7 comprehensive biometric readings, including heart rate and oxygen levels. It enables increased inmate oversight without adding to an already exhausted staff. Intelligent notifications uncover potential unsafe conditions so officers can intervene before they escalate.

Providing Easy-to-Use Biometric Wellness Monitoring Solutions

4Sight Labs understands correctional officers' daily strains and provides an easy-to-use solution to inmate safety and officer fatigue.

Our biometric monitoring system provides:
  • Detects potential threats invisible to visual observation
  • Facility-wide visibility for accelerated response
  • Customized inmate baseline biometrics
  • Optimized oversight capabilities for limited staff
  • 24/7 automated location tracking and intelligent alerts
  • Robust, tamper-proof band
  • 14-day inmate monitoring on a single charge

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