4Sight Labs Showcased Cutting-Edge OverWatch™ System at Axon Week 2024

4Sight Labs' innovative OverWatch™ system made waves at Axon Week 2024 with live demos, a presentation, and success stories from law enforcement.

4Sight Labs made a significant impact at the recent Axon Week 2024, held from April 22-26 at the Miami Beach Convention Center. The company showcased its state-of-the-art OverWatch™ system at booth #40, allowing attendees to experience live demonstrations and learn how this innovative technology can enhance detainee wellness while reducing agency liability.

OverWatch is a comprehensive monitoring system designed to address the wellness and safety of individuals in the custody of law enforcement agencies, jails, detention centers, and correctional facilities. By leveraging advanced sensor technology, OverWatch provides monitoring, enabling staff to respond to potential health crises and prevent in-custody incidents proactively.

One of the key highlights of 4Sight Labs' presence at Axon Week 2024 was the presentation by CEO John DeFalco, titled "It Just Makes Sense: 4Sight Labs and Preventing In-Custody Deaths with Sensor Technology." The session, which took place on April 23 as part of the "Technology for Good" track, delved into how next-generation sensor technology can protect life from the point of arrest to incarceration. 

DeFalco also provided insights into future integrations within the Axon Ecosystem, giving attendees a glimpse into the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.

During the presentation, Commander Shawn Laughlin from the Broomfield County Sheriff's Office in Colorado and Lieutenant Sean Elston from the Arlington County Sheriff's Office in Virginia joined DeFalco. These esteemed law enforcement professionals shared their firsthand experiences with the OverWatch system and discussed how it has positively impacted their agencies.

Commander Laughlin recounted how the Broomfield Police Detention Center had deployed the generation one system several years back, resulting in three validated lives saved. The sensor notified staff well before the scheduled safety round in each instance, enabling timely intervention. The lives saved include:

  • A male arrestee experiencing a diabetic crash.
  • Another male arrestee with known drug ingestion.
  • A female arrestee with unknown drug ingestion.

Lieutenant Elston provided insights into the implementation of the OverWatch system at the Arlington County Detention Facility, discussing the policy changes, use cases, and plans for expanding the technology's impact within their agency.

Visitors to the 4Sight Labs booth had the opportunity to witness live demonstrations of the OverWatch system in action. Product experts were on hand to answer questions, provide detailed information about the system's capabilities, and discuss how it can be customized to meet the specific needs of various custody environments.

The OverWatch system offers a range of features designed to enhance detainee safety and streamline monitoring processes. With a 14-day battery life, the system enables continuous monitoring without frequent battery replacements. The system notifies staff of potential health concerns, allowing for swift intervention and improved outcomes. The system also includes location tracking capabilities, ensuring that staff can quickly locate and assist individuals in need.

As the public safety industry evolves, adopting advanced monitoring solutions like OverWatch becomes increasingly crucial. By providing a comprehensive, data-driven approach to detainee wellness, 4Sight Labs is at the forefront of this movement, empowering agencies to make informed decisions and improve the safety of those in their custody.

Axon Week 2024 presented an invaluable opportunity for public safety professionals to explore the latest innovations in technology and training. With its cutting-edge OverWatch system and thought-provoking presentations, 4Sight Labs made a lasting impact on attendees, inspiring them to embrace new solutions prioritizing the well-being of individuals in custody.

For those who missed the event, there is still time to learn more about 4Sight Labs and the OverWatch system. Click here to schedule a personalized demo to learn how monitoring solutions are shaping the future of public safety and improving outcomes for all stakeholders in the custody continuum.

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