Correctional Emergency Response Team (CERT)

As a CERT, we are trained to work with high-risk situations, including cell extractions, riots, and transportation, but we don’t always know the detainee’s medical conditions.



Your Automated and Comprehensive Monitoring System

Regardless of how well-trained and careful CERT are during these high-risk interactions, unavoidable tragedies are still possible. Balancing the safety and accountability of everyone involved is paramount to overall success. OverWatch is a wireless monitoring system that continuously tracks the body’s basic functions in real-time to reveal underlying health issues and emerging conditions during CERT interactions. It detects early signs of health instability and automatically alerts response teams before and during extractions.

Offering Situational Awareness

Safety, security, and accountability are at the forefront of 4Sight Labs’ innovations. We recognize the need for insights into evolving health conditions otherwise invisible during CERT high-risk situations.

Our biometric monitoring system provides:
  • Real-time, automated, and objective monitoring
  • Auto-alerts notifying CERT of emerging health instability throughout interactions
  • Objective evidence to back tactical decisions, reducing liability and increasing accountability
  • Robust, tamper-proof band
  • 14-day monitoring on a single charge

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