Correctional Facility / Medical Staff

As a medical professional working with detainees and inmates, I am responsible for evaluating, diagnosing, and providing medical intervention, all while decerning facts from fiction.



Your Automated and Comprehensive Monitoring System

Fear of career-ending decisions or legal prosecution leading to payouts and possible jail time add to an already pressure-filled environment. Making medical decisions under these conditions puts everyone at risk. OverWatch is a wireless monitoring system that continuously scans the body’s basic functions for early signs of medical distress. It provides unbiased, objective data to remove subjective interpretation. Automatic alerts prompt medical intervention for those truly in need.

Delivering Peace of Mind During Uncertain Times

4Sight Labs recognizes the need for unbiased health monitoring to aid correctional medical teams in making timely medical decisions.

Our biometric monitoring system provides:
  • Continuous, automated vital sign monitoring without manual oversight
  • Validation of actual health crises, reducing false alarms
  • Reduction in second-guessing diagnoses or intervention
  • Proof to back medical decisions, reducing liability
  • Customized individual baseline biometrics
  • 24/7 smart alerts
  • Robust, tamper-proof band
  • 14-day monitoring on a single charge

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