Elected Officials

As a publicly elected official, I am accountable to my constituency. I must ensure community interests and concerns are represented while balancing resources and budgets.


4Sight Labs

Providing Automated and Comprehensive Monitoring Solutions

Outdated human systems and policies have led to the need to transform how the correctional system works. With safety, accountability, and transparency leading the way, technology can provide the visibility and oversight needed to protect detainees and inmates and rebuild public trust. 4Sight Labs delivers automated and comprehensive detainee and inmate wellness monitoring systems throughout the custody process. By continuously updating biometric data and motion tracking, the systems provide needed real-time feedback to help prevent risks from becoming tragedies.

Advancing Reform Policies and Modernization

4Sight Labs blends sustainable technology into next-generation infrastructure and safety solutions. By aligning emerging technology with evolving care, we want to enhance the correctional system positively and humanely.

Our biometric monitoring system provides:
  • An automated approach to achieving oversight throughout the correctional system process
  • Archival of biometric data for use during investigations and public disclosures
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Customized whole facility system that fits within any budget

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