Monitoring Inmates in Avondale, AZ

Custody Protect alerts Avondale Police Department to inmate's low heart rate, leading to life-saving intervention and hospital transport.

On Sunday 08/06/2023, I was alerted by Custody Protect of an inmate with a low heart rate of 30. Upon checking on the inmate, we found the subject unresponsive and not actively breathing. Because of the alert from Custody Protect, we were able to quickly render aid and give the subject medical attention in a timely manner. The subject regained consciousness after multiple rounds of CPR and was transported to the hospital awake, alive, and feeling better. We learned that the subject had an untreated heart condition and they also had a similar episode a year earlier. We are very thankful and appreciative to have a revolutionary product to assist us with custody care!

Thank you,

Paul Wilson #2135
Detention Sergeant
Avondale Police Department

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